Panni Loh
Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

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Creative firsts - 16 Jan 2021

I was delighted in 2020 to have 2 of my paintings 'Midnight' and 'Playing on the water waves' plus my short story 'Artist Sketches' published in the Unity Anthology published by Barrio Blues Press in support of Doctors without borders available on

What I hadn't anticipated was being invited by Dr. Jesu Estrada, editor in chief, to be interviewed on the Youtube Live channel. It was so great to hear from her that I said yes. Then came the concern, how would it work and how would i show my artwork? reading an excerpt of my short story was easy enough I just had to select a piece and practice, but which paintings should i show and how? In the end I settled on a mix of originals and some prints that were easier to handle to hold up to the screen. It was also a real bonus as she asked me to read my short story published in 'The Living and Dead' published by University of Bradford Press.

Before the interview started Dr. Jesu Estrada put me at ease by her approachable manner. It was so good to meet her and to hear some of what it is like in Chicago. In this pandemic and being home mostly I have had a huge appreciation of the value of technology in creating connection. On a personal note we've held international zoom meetings that we'd never done before, but in this interview here as I was talking to someone the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Once I had relaxed I can honestly say that it was an enjoyable experience, and so good to be focusing on creative writing and art. I learnt from it and for another time would make sure I took the cellophane off my prints and I'll look into an external microphone. Dr Jesu Estrada was very encouraging and who knows I might set up some interviews with other artists in the future...