Panni Loh
Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

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Hi I'm Frangipanni a British Chinese writer based in Sheffield often known as the Steel City and home of makers. i've won various writing awards such as a Resurgence Magazine competition and Bi'An runner up award for Chinese writers in Brtiain.

Since childhood and being asked to stand up in class and read out my short stories I have loved creative writing, but in adulthood it took a backseat whilst I worked as a qualified Social Work, Teacher of Adults and Artist. It was in 2010 as I completed my art practiced PhD that I wrote about my upbringing and knew i had a story to tell. Accepted onto the three month The Writer's Pathway with University of Bolton, I was successful in gaining a place on the prestigious M.A. Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University graduating with a merit in 2015.

Born in London but with my parental homeland in Malaysia my writing draws on the richness of my heritage. Originally from China my parental grandparents migrated to Malaysia, and my English grandparents migrated to Africa. It seems world travel was in my DNA and I've reflected this in visiting many countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the U.S.A. Much of my overseas visits have been to see family in Malaysia but also to present at conferences and exhibit my visual art in over ten countries from Outer Mongolia to India, South Korea and Thailand to name a few.

Many of my magic realism short stories, infused by cultural folklore, centre around greater care of the natural and urban environment. My creative memoir focuses on my female dual heritage, Chinese and English, in Britain. Both creative memoir and magic realism have crept into my conference papers like a sleek cat finding it's place in the sun.

Unity 1 Anthology published by Barrio Blues press

11 Dec 2020
Short story 'Artist Sketches' by Frangipanni 2020

BBC Radio Leeds-mid morning short stories

01 Jul 2020
Short story 'Sheffield Spice' by Frangipanni read by Rima Ahmed 2020

The Living and the Dead published by Uni. Bradford Press

01 Oct 2019
Short story 'Take Care' by Frangipanni in this anthology creative conversations between past and present, 2019

Bi'An British Chinese Writer award winner

01 Apr 2019
Short story 'Sea view' by Frangipanni Runner up 2019

Resurgence Magazine competition winner

14 Jun 2006
Creative essay 'The Same Earth' by Frangipanni 2006

The role of art as social medium and direction for women's art practice

01 Sep 2016
'Taking Time to Listen' creative writing presentation by Frangipanni, Gwangju International Women's Contemporary Art Forum 2016