Panni Loh
Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

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Creative New Year Celebration - 01 Jan 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 and the continuing global pandemic has been extremely challenging and devasting for many throughout the world. The necessary local, national and international restrictions have changed our behaviour-they have in some ways diverted our flow into new pathways of being. Here in Britain and in other parts of the world there was an improvement in the quality of air, rivers and less disturbance to wildlife. Some also felt that it plunged them into deep reflection that they would normally associate with the shorter daylight hours of winter.

The diversion of the activities we were used to has caused many of us to spend much more time at home and create self sufficiency in terms of the occupation of our time. It has been a huge adjustment for many especially for children when schools have been closed, and it has brought extreme hardship to some. Besides the benefits to the natural world, many of us have turned deeper to our spiritual practice whatever path we might follow and to become more creative. I have been impressed and inspired by the way some have adapted by keeping in contact with others through online platforms creating daily prompts for young people to keep them entertained and connected.

As well as the part time job I have worked on from home since March 2020, I found myself spending more time in my studio which has been a good thing, as prior to this time I was simply so busy being out and about. I have found myself deepening connection with my imagination and the natural world and am still on that journey-there is much further to travel. I do think that creativity breeds creativity and so share my art over 2020 in this video as a celebration of creativity and to inspire others to be creative. I am also leading a 6 week course 'Painting birds for Children and Young People' classes the discounted fee covers all 6, or they will be advertised individually