Panni Loh
Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

07913 915783

SUPPORT YOUR INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES: Sheffield artist's gratitude connecting people in lockdown - 11 Nov 2020

Art from the heart from my home easel to your wall... there is nothing that warms my heart more than someone appreciating my work and buying my prints and original art work. I use my love in every stroke of my paintbrush and the art I make is from the heart. 

So, a thank you for not only supporting my small business but for appreciating my passions. When you buy from independent artists you are not only getting a labour of love but you are helping my family and I put food on the table, keep a warm home and to continue our creative passions. 

It has been very encouraging to still be selling work at this time.I have been so thankful to see sold paintings up in buyers homes such as 'Nightfall over Burngreave' sitting proudly over the open fireplace of the buyers house. Prints are still available.