Panni Loh
Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

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Artists Staying Hopeful in Lockdown exhibition MAY 2020 - 01 May 2020

Artists from over 36 countries have joined in unity through colour and artistic endeavour to send a pulse of hope into the international community. The Covid 19 pandemic is a time when we all must take responsibility for ourselves and others so all artists are respectfully wearing a face mask to curb the spread of the virus. The most effective way is of course to stay home and I feel very fortunate that my studio is at home. Many times I have pondered over whether to have a studio in a collective artist building or at home, and decided on the latter. So after the days working at home on my part time job I can safely carry on creating, appreciating all that life offers, in my home artist studio. Those of us at home have time to reflect, and it takes me back to my live art exhibition 'East-west, Spirit, Earth' and the round table discussion of 'The Importance of Human Relations in the face of Climate Change' on this tiny video clip you can see some of the voiles that hung in the exhibition:

I always have a break from my studio on a Thursday night, here in Britain , to go out and clap, cheer, bang a drum or blow a whistle in praise of our frontline workers in the NHS, but also those that work in care homes for the elderly, collect our refuse and recycling, food industry workers, postal deliverers the list goes on. It is surely a time when working together and the importance of human relations in our local communities and appreciating each other is crucial.

Many artists in this 'Stay Hopeful' international online exhibition i have met in my parental homeland of Malaysia and other international exhibitions and know the shared sensitivity and compassion within the group for the welfare of all and to live our lives to the full as much as possible. I have therefore entered a trio of paintings: Fountain of Life, Goddess of the Oceans and Flowing River.