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Peace art for Ukraine-for the world - 17 Mar 2022

As an artist and having spent time with Ukranian artists on an artist residency I felt immediate horror when war broke out in Ukraine. I was relieved to some extent to hear that some of them had manage to flee Kyiv, but knowing that alone would not give them peace. Sending messages and prayers to them is something, and as an artist felt the need to communicate in what ways I could. 

Based on the Peace paintings I did in 2020 for the 'With Myanmar' exhibition in Gwangju, I created this painting 'Peace for Ukraine Onehundredfold'. This is not at all to forget other wars that are taking place around the world, but because I had connection with both artists from Myanmar and Ukraine. It is true to say too that Ukraine is closer to the UK and that there are unthinkable implications for the world.

I focus on Peace and to send energy to that place, so will be exhibiting this painting for sale at the Art for Ukraine exhibition the month of April 2022, at Sharrow Old Junior School, S7 1DB plus cards of the painting with all proceeds going to the Ukraine appeal. It is the least we as artists can do.


Other artists and theatre makers are also working for peace see this article by Sophie Mei Lan:

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